Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-12-13 01:31:53 (UTC)

So it's not black

I have social anxieties so I absolutely hate shopping but I pulled up my big girl panties and did it. The first 2 stores I had no luck then it was between 2 dresses 1 black dress and a red one. I wanted the red one but Mike said black so I sent him pictures and he loved them both but said red YES!!!

I still need to get some shoes. The only ones they had at that last store were at least 6 inches heals, yeah no it's winter up here. I'm not trying to break a hip

I am super excited I feel like a little kid

Well it's been a long day I'm going to bed. Last night I fell asleep, then my ass must have started manipulating on its own because next thing I knew, it was on.

So yeah even though life is up in the air right now. I still have a pretty damn good life

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