Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2022-12-12 17:36:29 (UTC)

Rainy Dreams

I guess Kim and I are going to keep in touch on Messenger. But if she asked one more time about postal mail, I’m going to scream. I just hope she doesn’t hit me with 20 messages a day. According to her, her sister doesn’t check in there very much anymore. I’m surprised she would let her use Messenger unsupervised like that.

Ended up feeling a little on edge yesterday, but it was mild and didn’t last long. I think it was more emotional than physical this time. It frustrates the hell out of me to know that it would be so easy to find out how much the medication was involved, yet so impossible at the same time. All I would have to do would be to stop the medication for a year or so but I couldn’t stand the severe hypo symptoms I would get. I would be cold and tired as hell, I would gain 100 pounds, and who knows how close I would come to a stroke or heart attack, along with dozens of other symptoms that would plague me.

The good news is that sooner or later, I'm going to reach my 60s and that eliminates one of three possibilities right there. Once my hormones have settled in for sure, then it’s down to the medication or simply the way I’ve become. The latter still seems a little bizarre as much as I know we do change with age.

Unless this was just a joke, there’s a guy here that I kind of want to throttle right now. I mentioned the excessive planes in the group just to see what people said about it. Other than someone saying that we’re in a flight path (gee, you think?) and helicopters going to the nearest hospital, one guy said, “I requested them to adjust their flight path because I enjoy watching them. My apologies to those of you who don’t.”

I hope that’s a joke because I was pretty pissed when I read that. You mean you can request them to fly over you but you can’t ask them to back the hell off?

Took a nap earlier and I swear a car door or some kind of bang woke me up but Tom said he didn’t hear anything. I looked at the camera recordings and I’m guessing it was Sue’s car if not part of a dream I had. I didn’t have nature sounds going. Just the air cleaner and fan.

I had a dream we were living in a house that was laid out similar to this one only the living room didn’t have a slider in it. It was nighttime and I had been lying in bed for a while and listening to the sound of steady rainfall which I found soothing. Then I got up with him still asleep and entered the kitchen. There was a good size plastic storage bin bolted to the wall that the previous owners left. I was trying to decide what I wanted to put in it since it was presently empty. I also decided we should stop using napkins and use paper towels which we started doing in real life a long time ago once we were able to get paper towels with smaller sheets.

Next, I headed into the living room. I was a little annoyed to find it in a bit of disarray since I wanted to use my VR headset at the moment. Because he had a little table in the center of the room with a typewriter sitting on it, I knew that something had broke and he was explaining what he had fixed in the note. Only I couldn’t read the note because it wasn’t clear.

Then I noticed he set up a small desk with a shelf above it in the corner of the room and put some of my collectible dolls on it. Some he put upside down, LOL. I figured he did this as a joke.

I went back into the bedroom which had some kind of patio off of it because I looked through a door and saw that the cement beyond it was covered with about a half inch of rainwater. Then I looked down at my feet and realized it was now in the room. I dipped a foot in it and found it wasn’t cold.

Then a split second later, Tom and I were out somewhere and I asked if he thought the water would completely flood the bedroom before the storm passed and he thought it might. I wanted to hurry back to the house to see if we could stop it but he didn’t seem worried about it.