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2022-12-12 06:33:56 (UTC)


I sold 2book at the author event. Wow.

So often we only talk about our successes because we only want to project the good things about ourselves and good fortune that befalls us. Well… I sold on hardback and one soft cover. The event was free… but I spent $100 in preparation. I have one book away… I screwed up signing one (it happens, at least to me it does).

So I lost money on the deal. I gave away lots of business cards. I held a giveaway where only 4 people registered.

I was one of 2 kids authors. The thing was scheduled on a Sunday during an NFL football game… that locally they seem to care about. Traffic was very lacking.

Oh… one of the books, the hardcover, sold to a friend of mine. So, there you have it. My ugly day.

I could piss and moan about other stuff… but I’ll do the event again next year. I may just switch it up on my own. Their promotion was non existent. They need help.

It’s a late night… and I could use a good night.