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2022-12-11 15:03:30 (UTC)

Can't Wait to Go Kayaking

As predicted, the motorcycle returned yesterday. Only I don’t think it’s the same one and it’s a little quieter. As soon as we saw he was going to take off on the thing this morning, I ran into the bedroom and played my favorite nature sound on volume 3 and it’s an iffy volume. It’s my preferred volume to sleep with but it might not be enough, depending on how heavily asleep I am and what position I lay in. But I did have the bedroom and closet doors open at the time, which makes a little difference right there.

Anyway, he’s just annoying along with Happy. The real threat to my sleep are the garbage and recycle trucks and the loud mower. The problem is that the Internet, along with the electricity, cuts out a lot more than it did at our old place so I had to sleep with a portable sound machine yesterday because the air cleaner isn’t enough for even the mail truck which is unusually loud. Luckily, it wasn’t a pick-up day and I wasn’t crashing around 5:00 AM or something like that.

The honker and his wife went kayaking at a state park yesterday and I wished I could be there. If my stomach continues to do better, we should be able to do more things like that and go on nature walks as long as I’m not suffering any nasty effects from the medication. I still hot flash a lot more than I’d like too, and I think that once I know for sure whether or not I’m going to go through with the HIDA test, I may make the GYN appointment to discuss estrogen. I kinda wonder why none of my California docs ever mentioned it.

At the end of the day, Kari returned in the truck, and he on the motorcycle. He went out with it late this morning and returned 4 hours later. He seems to take off a lot without her, but maybe she likes that. Even though it’s a bit softer, it’s still noticeable so I hope he doesn’t start riding more than usual. But yeah, it’s softer for sure because when he came back I didn’t feel the floor rumble beneath my feet. He also cut the motor right before he reached his driveway and coasted onto it like last time.

The redneck let Happy bark for about a minute before we heard him yell at her to shut up. I didn’t hear her yesterday. I just hope he doesn’t start letting her do this multiple times a day all over again.

On my walk this morning I could hear someone toward the clubhouse using a power drill and a circular saw. So even though there haven’t been too many annoying projects we could hear in our place and it isn’t anywhere near as annoying as the old place, it’s still something I hear around here more than I ever did in any other state prior to California.

Before I came back around and headed toward our place, a woman playing country music in her driveway and working on her golf cart greeted me and asked if I was in the park. LOL. Do I still look too young to live in a place like this? I told her where I lived and introduced myself. She said her name was Thelma.

Thelma G? I asked and she said yes. Then I also asked if her birthday was December 4th and she said yes to that as well. I told her that was my birth date as well and that I recognized her name from the group. They share copies of the Hooter there and a list of all the birthdays for the current month. I remember seeing her listed on the same date as mine.

A quick glance at her profile shows she’s a snowbird down from Michigan.

It’s pretty amazing that I ranged from on edge to anxious for only about 10 days for my last spell. Usually, those spells are for weeks or months at a time. If all goes well - and I don’t want to say it will with my shit luck - I will have had only about two months' worth of anxious days this year when you add it all up. That’s a definite improvement and the best year I’ve had since this shit started in 2014. But I don’t think I’ll ever be fully free of it. I’m still not even sure this is the proper dose of thyroid medication for me.