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2022-12-11 16:44:51 (UTC)

I went to my parents yesterday ..

I went to my parents yesterday to do the laundry for them, somehow she ended up convincing me to clean her kitchen walls and ceiling, OMG I am way too old for that crap, thankfully my daughter was there to help. My mom did was she could, she just took a lot of breaks. When I came home Mike had bought me dinner, dessert, candy and snacks for the weekend. Then last night we 'manipulated' the fuck out of each other ;)

This morning, I am taking a complete chill day. I am just going to sit around and do absolutely nothing. Mike is out shopping for a suit, must be for his party. I'm sure nothing he has fits him, he has lost I think 100 pounds now he said. He looks good, but I always thought he looked good.

I'm not watching any lifetime movies though, disturbing fucked up shit on there last night, I wasn't really watching just had it on for back ground noise I guess. Also, Lifetime just has movies that show you that you can't trust ANYONE. so yeah, not what I want. When we switched the cable to my name and he was leaving we ditched Fox news and I have USA, so I now have 2 seasons of Chrisley Knows Best to catch up on. I know they are currently facing prison time, but those people crack me the fuck up. Besides, I don't judge.

Not sure what the evening will hold for me, Mike should be back soon and then he said he was just going to watch tv in the bedroom, so pretty sure he isn't going to want to do anything with me

Oh well let the laugher begin, I seriously love this show (it did take me awhile though)

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