Life of secrets
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2022-12-11 16:43:12 (UTC)


Today was a good day. We got an agreement in principle and put in an offer for the house we liked. Obviously its a Sunday and the offices are closed, so wont have an answer or update until perhaps tomorrow… But this is such a milestone. We haven’t been able to get an agreement in principle in 3 years. Its just the start but now we can put in offers knowing that we can get a mortgage. I am SO excited!

And this is what I do. I get excited and get my hopes up and I often end up disappointed but I have a good feeling about this…

I am very intuitive and I can see us moving from here and it feels soon. I see it clearly. I wish I could see us clearly having a child. I try to see if I can imagine myself pregnant while we are moving, and its just fuzzy. I dont know. Do I feel like i will be pregnant in another house? Yes. I wish I knew when. Sometimes I can’t imagine it at all and it worries me, but I try to remind myself that before I was engaged, I couldn’t see myself getting engaged - and it happened shortly after. Sometimes emotions and worry clouds intuition.

But anyway… today was a good day. I love getting good news.