Life of secrets
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2022-12-10 21:56:05 (UTC)


Its freezing. The cost of living is making me freeze.

I saw my niece today, and the rest of the family. Apart from my mum. Before that though, I viewed a couple of houses with my husband. I liked them both, however the one a bit closer to everyone and everything is a steel framed house and probably not worth the hassle. If it had been “normal” I would have pushed for that one. The outside looks idyllic. But the other one that is furthest away is probably the one we will put an offer in for. I’d be happy living there. They both needed work done. The one we want to put an offer in for needs a new kitchen, bathroom, work done in all the rooms. But I suppose you have to start somewhere.

I can’t have the house I want with him. If I was with someone else, I’d choose a nice terraced house somewhere slightly isolated but close enough to the people I love. I don’t need a driveway. A nice garden. And I would choose somewhere that didn’t need lots of work doing to it right away. Maybe just decorating when we choose to.

But that’s another life.

I wish I could be given another life.