Lost for words at times
2022-12-10 19:34:03 (UTC)

Manic week🙀..Now l can rest😌

I had last week off work as annual leave. To be honest, l can't wait to get back to work as this week has been utterly manic for me.
I set myself a regular routine, of waking up and embracing the day with task's that needed to be done. I'm happy to say l can now spend the rest of today and tomorrow doing absolutely nothing.

I mailed card's to my daughter today, christ only knows when they'll get them, because of the postal strikes. I think l messed up, as it's 'G' birthday on the 3rd of January. Only issue.. l think l put 'E's name in it🙀😾l realised the error of mistake when l told my daughter that l put 'E's birthday card in and my daughter was like "Mum it's 'G' birthday!"🙄l honestly can't remember who's name i've put on it. My lovely daughter said if l have made a mistake, then she will replace the card and pop the money in it.

I went to see my mother today. Heck, she has lost so much weight from the last time l saw her. I can't remember the last time l did actually see her to be honest, l think it was back in September. I asked her how she managed to achieve such a significant weight loss in such a short time and she said "l stopped taking my medication"🙀Like what the fuck!! I asked her if she had this passed by her GP and she reported "it had fuck all to do with him" Ooh ok.. mum. She told me that she was now only taking her amitriptyline 1 x 50mg but.. can have 2 x 50mg and zopiclone 3 x 7.5mg. "Uh huh.. this is why your co ordination whilst walking is impeded and your falling everywhere" was my replie. I was swiftly told "to mind my own business".
I'm furious that her GP hasn't done anything to wean her off those zopiclone. 30 years she has been on them, and she can't sleep without them. She then said, she don't take them anymore during the day as she is only allowed 84 every 28 days and the person she was buying some 'extra's' from has moved away🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 what the fuck!!! l think l will make a phone call Monday to her GP.
Mind you saying that, when she find's out my life won't be worth living. I think i'd rather wrestle a tiger than deal with her wrath.
She is still drinking😐she has the early onset of Korsakoff's due to her alcoholism. Absofuckinglutely great.. so... she isn't only taking enough pills to make a normal man or beast sleep for a month. She is mixing zopiclone and amitriptyline with alcohol.
Sorry.. l don't care about the ramification's from my mother, i'm calling that GP. Although, bless her she said the whiskey was for medicinal purpose's. Uh huh! that bloody medicinal, she has been drinking since l was a small child. God, l love this woman to bit's and l don't really like to interfere, but i'm concerned about her. I can see i'm going to have make more regular trip's down there.

Yesterday, as it was dry outside. l had this hare-brained idea to cut my front lawn. It's wasn't one of my best idea's this week l made. It was absofuckinglutely freezing out there. I was adorned with my winter gardening attire.. T shirt, hoodie, legging's, and my wellibobs on my feet's and fingerless mittens.
The grass was extremly long as l hadn't cut it since back in September. It was tipped white on the ends from the frost of the night before. Right ok! l had this under control.. i'd first strim it with the strimmer then mow it with my electric mower.
Holy fuck.. l started that strimmer up, put it on this crisp grass. It was like fucking pieces of shrapnel flying about.
Why is it when l go out in my front garden, all my neighbour's seem to come out in the masses.
"Your kill that grass" like l give a fuck saves me cutting it so soon. I thought.
"Do you still need your bush digging out?" Fuck off my bush, l mummbled. Couldn't they see l had the whole situation under control? It was -1°c when l came back in. Something that normally take 30 minutes to do, took me 3 hours🙀🙄 my finger's felt like they where about to snap off. My wellibobs.. well l didn't have the experience of my feet's slidding about inside them like l do during the summer months. Shame, l love the feel of my feet's sweating in my wellibobs😺🤣 l think l have a secret latex fetish.

Sometime's, l often wonder just how l survive without a man in my life to do these ridiculous job's. Trust me, that grass can grow until spring now. That's if l haven't already killed it.

Anyway.. i'm rambling

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
Loving memories of Kylo💕
My brother's improving health
Friend's and family.
My online friend 'K'🖤

Temperature tonight 1°F