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2022-12-11 00:47:55 (UTC)


The brother been taught well about God, and the Son Jesus. It leads them to the judgement, instead of the worldly desire. Jason confess, Rick follows..The father and mother blessed by the absence of Jason and Rick's graduation. Maybe the brother laughed a bit.. to fear God is what they end up. We all got an impression for this day. But the light of cross for the many..
The judgement day.. there been thoughtfull movies, and believes about the world becoming. Still, i would not mind to watch it again someday. its how i feel about eternity. And the love of brother hoods, i believe there been stories and tales in wars and justice. It will light my theater, for the night peace, good night.
movies like Marvels..and Gods of war..eventually the brother draws it to its topics of old and youth. The immortality should be emphasized.. but really, the brother wonder about the parents. Its how made me to go to the theater, spend some dollars. For the will of my compisition.