Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2022-12-10 08:43:23 (UTC)

In a Crafty Mood

Happy barked her ass off yesterday for a couple of minutes. Please tell me they’re not going to let the damn thing go back to doing that shit every day!

Went for my quick walk this morning and exchanged hellos with the honker. I briefly entertained the idea of commenting on the motorcycle being gone to see what he might say about it, but I know it’s coming back soon enough. People like that don’t just suddenly up and get sick of riding.

Linda got new windows and now she’s having her yard redone so I wonder if she’s prepping to sell. I’m okay with the hypocrite moving if the new person doesn’t come in with a motorcycle or the dog from hell.

We went to the Treasurer Mart yesterday where people have many booths of items that they’re selling. There were lots of nice things but nothing that was out of this world that I just had to have. But I did buy a pack of butterscotch incense, and it smells absolutely nothing like butterscotch.

Then we hit Burger King and I felt so stuffed afterward.

Except for some upper right cramping in the stomach, my stomach is better overall. I’m still thinking that most of my problem might have been on the fluoride and B-complex but I also wonder…could the spell I cast be working?

I researched more on jar spells, and it seems that there are no set rules and the phase of the moon doesn’t matter. You can include anything you want in the jar. The idea is to add items that pertain to what you want. So I was thinking of doing a happiness jar spell for me and a money jar spell for him. I’ll be adding the herbs and crystals most associated with these things, along with whatever else I can think of.

I hate the scratchy twine the jar set came with so I got multicolored waxed necklace cords on the way. They may not fit through the eye hooks that came with the jars so we also got a set of various-sized eye hooks.

I think it would look cool to do ones with extra diamonds from diamond paintings too. It would be nice if I could try to sell those and some bullet crystal necklaces for the upcoming yard sale event if God forbid I can be awake when it happens in February. I got a set of 44 different colored bullet crystals.