A lifetime of pain and healing
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2022-12-10 04:21:44 (UTC)

So I recently just found out ..

So I recently just found out my biological father is homeless now. So apparently the whole family is going homeless for the holidays. My mom is staying with her sister. Both my brothers are now homeless. My mom's ex tried another suicide attempt so he's in the state hospital. My mom told me her esophagus is torn and then informs me she isn't going to do anything about it. I told her that's a harsh way to drown. I explained the process so she went and got medicine and acts like that's a permanent fix for it. My oldest younger brother is on probation and they violated him for not paying his fines. So either next week or in January he is going to jail for a while. He wants me to take his dog but by my lease I can't but also the dog is always sick in some way so I don't want whatever his dog has to pass on to my own dogs. Then I got a lease renewal today for our apartment and they raised out rent by 70 dollars. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but it's hard enough as it is to pay it. I did pass my psychomotor exam and I have one class left before the big test. It's eating my mom alive that I'm not dropping everything and running over there. I plan to continue my life as usual. I know that sounds cruel but I can't ruin my own life trying to deal with their everyday crisis.