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2022-12-08 00:49:23 (UTC)

better days

I recall everybody going wild over that cop from squidgames (how was nobody looking at sangwoo or the salesman?? I'll never know) but what they really need to geeking over is THIS COP FROM BETTER DAYS. THAT MAN IS HOT.
I WANNA BE SAAVVEEDDD. No because I do think he had good intentions but then, when he started to be blunt?? I don't know why wbut those like half insults, that like condescension??? I had to pause for a moment to collect myself cuz....that was kinda... LDKFAEF

okay so sometimes i think about running away. just walking out the door one morning and not going to school but not going home. but i cant decide which evil is scarier, the world during the day without any supervision or protection, or school. my head hurts and i just woke up.

anyway about that movie, got recommended to me from tiktok and I swear on like everything i was so close to literally going back to that tiktok and reporting it because they told me it had a good ending and i reached the CREDITS without one. the fact that they continued after the credits... sigh. it was a good movie. i teared up- no i fudgin cried a lot during it, with the characters..
empathy is weird. sympathy? pity. whatever.
do recommend. its in chinese though. still good.