Up All Night
2022-12-08 02:10:01 (UTC)

Not much.

I'm out of money for the next four days. I spend too much at the little store down the street. I was looking at my spending today. I get payed on Monday.

I ate a lot today. Lots of carbs. I'm buying salad stuff and fresh fruit and vegetables with my next money. I have enough food to last until Monday. Tomorrow for dinner I'm making meatloaf and cheesy mashed potatoes and green beans. For breakfast I'll have scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. I need to be eating salads like I was to lose the 28 pounds. My yogurt wasn't in the grocery delivery. I usually eat that for breakfast.

My neighbor calls me a weirdo and a nut. I heard her call me ugly. I'm not that damned ugly! I'm getting older. Look it.

Well. I'm going to take a shower here shortly and go to bed. I'll post again when the results of the ultrasound come in.