Evolving marriage
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2022-12-07 17:27:24 (UTC)

My Private Space

Dear Diary,
Good Morning. I woke up early, just before 5am. Went and sat upstairs with the little plug in fireplace going and sitting up right in the bed with my laptop and music on low. Have my time all alone to myself.
We are supposed to get snow today, but so far its just wet outside.

So Im working on a design for the upstairs. Its 3 rooms and a home from the late 1800s, its like 3 rooms that all flow into one another, the one at top of the stairs has the largest space and a balcony with a door out to it. Its currently where the bed area is. the next room it flows into is the space I want to make like an office, sitting type room. So I want a small type sofa for it, in front of the window that I can sit at, and I want lots of greenery, house plants up here. SO I imagine a velvet material deep blue or green type sofa. I want to be able to sit up with me legs out on it or lay down, blankets and pillows, and from there I can pick out the rest, want a large floor rug. Ill have a desk probably at the opposite end. I also want a tea station(I dont drink coffee) and set up the electric kettle with all my teas. And i just found a brand new ceramic crock thrifting and I can bring up one of the water jugs and have that up here for water next to it. Or I have a smaller water dispenser that looks cool. And a mini fridge to keep drinks, snacks in.

Thats really everything I want in there, but the couch is the starting point for me to design around , the room has sloped ceilings on each side. The window wall has the prettiest vintage windows with a triangle pattern at the top. So I want to showcase those above the couch and be able to look out and sit in the sun as Im up there if I want too.

SO thats what Im doing today, shopping for small apt style couches that can fit up a stairway or have removeable legs I can take off to make it work getting it up here.

Husband got a job lead from a previous coworker, he left the last job because of the boss he had, and he got a call the guy got fired last wk, and guess what? The gal who got him that job (an old co worker) sent him a message yest asking if he wanted a job there again? So they put up a job listing for him specifically as they are funny about who they hire, and he did it, she called last nite and said he should have his offer by friday. Said hed start just before CHristmas and be in training until mid Jan or so. Thats doable! Pay is about $7000 less a yr then he made before, nothing to balk at. But he has opportunity to bonus and overtime, and isnt salary. So hopefully that all goes well! And hes back in the swing of things again. He is walking around in the company tshirt and sweater today! Haha I laughed as they sent him those for gifts, and they sent us chocolate that co for Christmas before, I remember, hes got their coffee mug still. He liked working there, just the boss was a jerk and why he left. And now his boss would be the gal his old coworker who reached out and hes known going way back 2 jobs ago(a lot of them keep in touch and help one another when out of work and bring them on board) we just had his former boss out here not long ago as she got laid off too and she stayed in our vacation rental.

So he made us dinner reservations last nite to our fave place, gave me an hr notice! Ack I had no idea I was going out and was getting ready to soak in the tub, so I had to hurry up and get up and start getting ready as I had wet hair. He even requested the table by the fireplace. So yeah, the job prospect gave him a boost.

We had edibles after dinner, sat on the couch together, watched the newest Yellowstone. Then had snacks, laughed some, I was having that frisky time frame that hits me, but If I dont come onto him it often doesnt happen and I just didnt push for it, I just laid next to him and fell asleep and woke up around midnight, got up and washed my face, cleaned up turned out lights and got in bed, he said hed be in shortly, we started watching Raising Hope and hes loving it and way ahead of me.

So not much else to report at the moment, I reached out to several gfs, one up by the ocean who I will be able to see in January to tell her I will be there for the month.

Reached out to my hairdresser/gf in my hometown for my haircut to tell her I want to set up an appt.

My other Ca gf, who was living up by the ocean moved to Idaho, so shes on my list to visit next yr at her new place, Id so go now if the weather wasnt a bad time of yr, I want to drive and shes a 10 hr drive for me.

I need to start taking care lots of me Ive neglected due to the nature of things in my relationship. So Im just sorta waking back up and getting in gear here.