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2022-12-07 13:34:11 (UTC)


I’m loving this Zen Coloring app I downloaded to my phone a couple of days ago. It’s a great way to unwind while also unwinding with my audiobooks before bed.

Tom was right. Cologuard was easier than the other samples I had to collect. I was just glad to have it done and over with as soon as I got up so I wouldn't have to stress about that much.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but today I feel the best I’ve felt physically and emotionally in a week. Maybe the emotional part improved faster because I didn't get as bad from the medication build-up as last time. This time around I was overheated and I couldn’t stay asleep, but my HR was stable. Next blood draw is in 11 weeks from now, which means that since I can’t get past six weeks, I’m going to have to scale back a little regardless of how I feel in early to mid-January for a few days. I want to be able to see exactly where I am after six weeks of waiting at least a half hour before coffee with no extra 75s.

I read more on Crohn's and UC and while my symptoms are the best match for those, at the same time I'm just not sure because there are usually other things you have along with these that I don't have. My guess is still on IBD or IBS. If it was cancer, I would be losing weight fast, and it wouldn’t give me a break like it is today. Or at least so far today. Things could head south later. Right now, I’m starting to suspect that resuming the B-complex as well as alcohol is what flared it up.

The doctors said that If I see any blood in the stool or experience signs of dehydration, like dizziness and weakness, I need to go to urgent care or the ER right away. I don’t think I’ll have these problems though.

We’ll see how I react to the Denny’s meal that should be here soon. We tried to order yesterday, but the site was messed up. I’m trying their wild Alaskan salmon with potato soup and French fries.

We’re going to make the HIDA scan appointment today and hopefully, if I just don’t eat much before the trip down to Tampa, I should be OK.

Because yesterday was a bad day, I was hesitant to go out. So he went and dropped off the Cologuard kit and picked up some stuff from the dollar store that we both wanted. He got some treats and I got low-sodium Vienna sausages for when I’m a little hungry and fruits and veggies won’t cut it but I don’t want a whole meal either.

I still see cement trucks going by at times, and what I don’t get is why they have to go by us if they’re working either in the new section or by the clubhouse. I’m just so glad that these projects are on the other side of the park until they do the fence, of course, or go tearing up the roads again. One maddening project in over a year is still pretty good compared to the other place.

Now resuming this entry since my food arrived and I stopped to eat. It was just okay. The food was cold and the fries were anything but crispy. The potato soup was great but a bit salty. It left me feeling very full that I couldn’t finish it all. I had to go afterward but it was normal with no cramps. I’m still full as hell.

I’m on the phone now for God knows how many hours with the imaging place since it wouldn’t let me schedule this type of exam online. It’s ridiculous how hard it’s become to make appointments. If they keep me on hold for more than a few hours, I give up. I have the phone on speaker but can’t use speech to text.

Can’t wait to try my new slicer tomorrow when I make one of my favorite Mediterranean dishes. It’s similar to my old one but has more extras with it as far as sizes go and a better hand guard too. It even has a small potato peeler.

The money tree is already having leaves go yellow and drop off, but I read that this is normal for it to yellow and shed leaves like that. I hope it doesn’t get too bad, though.

We moved to New York of all places in my dreams last night and I was hopeful and excited to get a two-story place and he said that would be no problem.

Had a dream I ran into Holly, so out of curiosity, I checked in on her on FB. No public posts since January. I wonder if her breast cancer returned.

And now I make my third and final attempt to complete this journal entry, LOL. I thought I would be on the phone forever, but I was finally scheduled for the HIDA scan on the 30th.