■ Captain's Log ■
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2022-12-07 12:55:00 (UTC)


Things happens in high school. Rick was a bit dumb but athletic with his purpose to be Jason's body guard. Jason was a quiet person and wonders about those lessons stay in school or the dares of teacher's eyes, he found his own way to be known by the crowd. Jason will be graduated soon at this time of year, and Rick got trouble with gangs in school. The same time, their parents got an accident crash on the mountain side road dead after visiting the grave of the pass away relatives this day. It brought forth by Jason and Rick's bond stronger to inherit the will of the family treasurey.
The saddness pity the life of the worldly possession. If it was God's gift, the cross of His Son would help the destiny of the life in this world. Why the boogyman with horror.. I once believe in the love of the creator, and i found the sin and truth within me. I will remember how i will be judged.
And for Jason and Rick..hardly like the Abel and Cain in the bible. By the father's expectation, and mother's making time being. Jason by the dark woods, and Rick by the spell of mother's diary. Live with me.. until then.. goodbye in eternity.