2022-12-06 18:58:10 (UTC)


i lost my left airpod. somehow, i found my right one in the washer.
after saving all the money to get it, too. muki warned me. i didn't listen.
i don't feel like telling him - it'll earn me a lecture. but what's more frustrating is i know i would need to hear it.
i scoured the laundry room and the entire floor for the left earbud. my iphone says they were at home last.
so helpful.
gwen took another sick day. i had to prepare for 2 meetings in less than 20 minutes.
i'm sure she's enjoying her days off. i know i am. between the "you should" nurse and "you shouldn't" nurse,
i'm about tired of being nitpicked at. it's a high school, and i wish i had a school nurse who cared as half as much as i do.
but my school nurse was absent the four out of five times i went to see her for my entire high school career.
though it certainly makes me miss ms. figueroa. i had no idea what a social worker was until i met her.
the one at our high school is constantly trying to make things better for students.
i am grateful to have known them. though i told lauren she had a student right after she just finished telling me she was gonna go get Starbucks :-) and if i stop writing one day, it's because she slit my throat. cheers knowing you all.

i'm going to try to attempt looking for my eternally lost left airpod again. maybe it'll show up for me magically,
on the day that i truly stop needing it. maybe if i whisper "fuck my left airpod" over and over again,
it'll come rolling out of the washing machine and up the stairs and into my bedroom. like that one chef boyardee commercial.
the coworkers asked when a good time to do a holiday happy hour would be. i told them always. all the time.
"let's go right now. who cares." the psychologist agreed at least. her reply: "better than the alternative," while motioning at work stuff.

my tooth makes eating everything hurt. my tongue has been high-fiving it all day.
this is why i'm not eating. i cooked rice and i have no appetite to eat it.
maybe the nicotine isn't really helping either.
oh well. break is coming soon.