Evolving marriage
2022-12-06 14:39:32 (UTC)


A message from an Online friend of mine

So...I think you are onto something regarding this inner child. I was not lying when I told you earlier that I didn't know much about the inner child until we started talking and even then it was limited

I remember when we started to talk in more depth, and you shared your life story with me. It wasn’t all at once, but little by little. I’d listen to how you wanted affection but had to demand it from your parents, from your brothers and sisters. How you desperately wanted to be loved by W#@$ in middle school. How no one stood up for you when you were dating your Ex and he was basically assaulting you. Then when you were trying to get out of that marriage, once again few people who should have, stood up and protected you. Knowing you and how wonderful you are, your passions, your ability to grow, your creativity and no one protected you? No one showed you the love you deserved, and you had to find people on the internet? That made me extremely angry, and it is making me angry as I write this. That little girl was valuable, that teenager was valuable, that 18-year-old was valuable, that young, married woman was valuable. The woman I see on camera and talk to for days on end is IMMENSLY valuable.
That was when I started to talk to you about this, the first time I told you that you were like the treasures you find. Other people might go to a thrift store and walk right by something because they don’t understand is value. Other people in your past, may not have seen the value you possess, but I do. I see you. I see the treasure. You are worthy of that attention and love you wanted. You do not need to hide from me. Come out into the open and feel loved. I hope you know and feel that I love you, but you don’t need me either. You don’t need a reason or a person to feel loved and treasured. You are lovable and treasured. That is who you are.
You remember the night I wrote you a story that our teenage selves roller skated together? That was me telling that girl she had value. She was worth holding my hand and spending time skating with. She was desired. You remember that imaginary story cabin I wrote to you about, that bed and breakfast? That was me telling you that she was wanted. You remember when I broke down when you were going home from midwest and I couldn’t talk and had to chat my concerns about some of the sex you were having? You are priceless…no because of the acts you perform sexually, but because you are. This is one reason I keep encouraging you to slow down, to savor. Making love and having sex are not always the same thing. Making love is usually slow and sensual, helping the other person feel valued and loved.