■ Captain's Log ■
2022-12-06 12:42:52 (UTC)


I am at the internet cafe, wonder about heavens. Must be the fate draws me to see the world and the difference of my imagination of heavens. I am feeling shy at this moment, the promise do not come easy i guess. I need a mask to hide in this cafe, but i should get use to it perhaps. Jason actually literaly happen, besides his job cut woods. So Rick can read and decide which companion to follow the day. Plenty of time, is the promise seems. This world is easy to blame and hate when the father is a lie, and the mother plays mate with her trips.
A mask if perfect to hide the life of guilt and stupidity. The youth hood fairly reminds what to be better then before. But the difference is just the Father and the son. Why though against the mother's nature, for the will to compose. As long as i am firm for what i do. So i am in love with my mask for what i do until the dimension is broken, i will tell my excuse. Paranoid and under dog each time when the father to spend a tongue. Never know mother's trip of the affinity. To be worthy of time, i choose to hide in this present life. For heavens, i keep my diary.
Its a constant fight against temptation. Jason sorts his words and fed to Rick to be strong. Friday the 13th for you to distinguish the darkness as a crimson. And the beauty is the mother's nature, given to Jason and Rick of lives. And the assassin creed is more tolerance by watch a while longer, you might learn something. And the movies to keep me sleep tight. Hope we enjoy..