2022-12-05 20:02:24 (UTC)

Electricity Projects 5 & 6

Personal entry follows. This is part of a series of entries related to projects and reflections related to the snap-together electricity kit I bought for myself. I'm a 45-year-old guy who is curious about electricity, and this is part of my opportunity to learn more about it.

PROJECTS 22 - 31
- I kind of breezed through these since it was mostly about connecting those integrated circuits in different configurations, making them play sounds at different frequencies. The projects consisted mainly of taking a connector and moving it between a long branch and a different connector "button" on the integrated circuit. These were done quickly.

PROJECTS 32 - 39
- I learned that DC motors are also voltage generators. You can manually rotate a motor and that will complete a circuit, sending energy to the rest of the circuit's components.
- The outputs from the noise-making integrated circuits can be sent through both a speaker and a light source. Both the LED and the lamp can be set to flicker and/or change brightness based on the output of the integrated circuit.
- One of the projects provided a way to show the similarity to sound and light output. It would either play two different sounds that alternated about every half-second, or put lights in the circuit (like the picture shown in this post) and lights will alternate instead.