Up All Night
2022-12-06 02:07:16 (UTC)


Bought eggs and salsa to make eggs in the morning. Bought body wash and toothpaste. Hot dog buns, saurkraut, pickles ... Ate a few pickles ... no calories in them. So now I am low on money again until Monday.

I have Nathan's hot dogs. Planning on making a kraut dog for dinner one night ...

I have food but there's a bunch of stuff missing. It didn't get ordered or something. I have about a dozen cans of chicken noodle soup. I told them to take the chicken noodle off the list. I am not eating much of it.

I recieved one package of lettuce I'm making a salad with tomorrow. Someone took my apples off the list. I didn't recieve the apples like usual.

Grrr ...

Living like this would get old after awhile, but it is so much better than the nursing home where they abused me. Hate that damned place.

So as far as food goes ... I'm good until next pay day, even with the missing items. I went to the store and bought some of the things that were missing. Didn't get my dishwashing liquid so I bought some. I was missing spaghetti sauce so bought that too. There's a lot of items I didn't recieve that were on the list that I did get last time. Someone fudged it this time.

Hopefully I'll get this straightened out. I need to buy clothes with some of my allowance.