Lost for words at times
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2022-12-05 23:54:58 (UTC)

The past is what it is, the past!

My life has been spiralling out of control over the past few month's. All my poor choice's little by little added up to becoming one big problem. Then the big problem turning into disappointment, alot disappointment in myself.

My mind at times, was consumed by my darkest demons and the hardest prison to escape is that of your own mind. It's been easier to settle for the easy option, rather than to fight for the life l must have and deserve.
The pain i've been feeling, i'm now embracing. I won't allow my pain to hold me back. Instead, l will turn my pain into strength, courage and determination to have the beautiful life that l owe myself. The tears i've cried have meant something. But, l won't allow myself to drown in them any longer.

I know, l am now on the right path. l now feel l have a meaningful purpose, focus, i'm caring less what other's think of me, because l believe more in myself. Everyday l wake up is a blessing and l won't take that blessing for granted. It's just another opportunity to enjoy the people around me, better myself and enjoy life.

The past is what it is, the past!
The memories will still appear from time to time and nothing will ever change that. It's the way l react to them in the future. I need to let the tough thoughts and emotions pass without allowing them to dominate my mind or control my actions.


This week i'm on annual leave. Work is work, nothing much has change there.

I was really busy today, shopping and preparing thing's for the holiday's. I have so much to do, l don't know how i'm going to manage to fit it all in. I have decided to keep the holiday's very low key. I don't feel much like celebrating nothing without Kylo being here. Although, l must remain strong for my son and his partner.

My brother is doing well on his road of recovery after his heart attack. He is allowed to go out for 30 minutes a day walking close to home. He is bored and can't wait to get back to work. I doubt he will be able to return doing what he used to do. Time will tell l guess.

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
Loving memories of KyloπŸ’•
My brother's improving health
Friend's and family.
My online friend 'K'πŸ–€
Missed reading my fussy cat man😺

Temperature tonight 6°F no rain