The Queen

2022-12-06 01:39:26 (UTC)

my wounds regarding men.

I joined a few days ago. Many people messaged me.
Three i messaged on Instagram.
One i rejected straight away because he put in his profile humor Nil romance Nil.
2nd he said he wanted friends or more than friends.
Third. Something about him. Made the deep side of me. Like i could be carefree and say all that I've in my heart.

Imad/abyan and then we'd a lil on and off conversation on Instagram. And Fatima said I'd already scared him in my first conversation.

And honestly he seems like a really fragile human.

And this little wounding.

This attachment and to detach myself from this attachment. This wound. This pain of liking a person.. because my wounds need healing. This pain of liking and losing a person.

It makes me cry.

Yet men can never respond to this side of me.

So i always have to cry alone about it.

Because they're men. And they're imperfect. And they can never understand me completely. Or my struggle in this phase of life.