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2022-12-05 23:37:55 (UTC)


So, this is how i started by the deep contemplation of my mentality and the fear of medication for my schizophrenia symptom, how i came across of counter spy of reading minds. Anyhow, the bible truth of bless those who curse you, and my goal is as simple as it is. Besides, i would not bother to be engaged with marriage. I guess it is how to make me compose to break the bored.
Mainly eternity.. Fear God. The black Friday seems favoritetable to me to be inspired. Its Jason, the dark woods how he cuts off his love. He is the older brother of this crimson. Was he borned in the Friday 13th as his twin brother, or he was just an orphan by his adapt Father who willing to challenge this day. And ya the younger brother Rick, such a lovely hood makes the tale more miserable to keep going. At last, the mother brings forth the diary.. They lives in a mansion, according to the end of this tale, its called splatter house. so bear with me..this is the first page.