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Starting over
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2022-12-05 11:47:01 (UTC)

He didn't say he won't

He said "I never said I won’t I said not right now. I’m still here atm. Trying to fix myself. I obviously still love you. I’m obviously still attracted to you ( that ass). There no guarantees I know you might find your real Prince. But I’m trying hard. Really am.


He made a wonderful dinner last night. The photo he posted on fb was amazing. He actually left my comment but he always hearts everyone's comments well except mine. Hey he left the comment there so that's progress right? Last night when I went to bed I made sure to put my ass against him, but nothing happened until it did. I wasn't sure what time it was or even what day it was but he turned over to cuddle me and there's this little thing he does with his finger to my underwear God does that send electricity throughout my entire being enough to wake me from a dead sleep. It was amazing even more amazing when I saw that I had only been sleeping about 2 hours so I still had a lot of sleep left.

So where are things with you and Mike?

I don't fucking know but I'm just going with it. I honestly love him to death so I'm not wanting to separate or divorce.

Haha I seen someone posted on here that they didn't want to be that person who posted 3 times in 1 day, man I will blow this shit up 15 times a day Idgaf

This is for me, only me

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