Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-12-05 11:37:07 (UTC)

New goals

So my main goal for the past 90 days was obviously my recovery, which will always have to remain a goal for life. But now that I set a goal and made it....did I mention 90 days norco free bitches!!!

I have gained confidence in myself and now feel ready to take on another goal which ugh even hurts to type this out...ummm yeah so I gulp guess I'm going to start physically taking care of myself which means exer, exerc damn can't even type the word how the fuck am I going to actually make my lazy ass exercise?

Oh yeah remember 90 days ago when you didn't know how you'd be able to quit norco yeah well suck it up shits about to get real...not today of course it's Monday and those are already hard enough. Plus it's my 90 days I want to celebrate