Life of secrets
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2022-12-04 09:24:17 (UTC)


I’ve woken up with a headache today (could it be linked to pregnancy!? A psychic once told me headaches would be a symptom!! Lmfao - as if)

I feel like I clenched my jaw all night. He came to bed at 3.30am, woke me up and proceeded to snore. I’m probably just tired. My eyes are sore.

I’m drinking coffee.

Church again today. I didn’t go last time. I wonder if I’ll manage to avoid this time too? I will have to go at some point… I’m pretty sure I’ve been forgotten anyway. Surprisingly, only a couple of people have bothered to ask how I am. Back when I was “active”, if anyone wasn’t there or fell ill, I’d be first to contact. I’ve not heard a word from those people.

I’m going to make breakfast once I’ve finished my coffee. And then wash his clothes for tomorrow.

I’ll probably update again this evening…