Diary of me
2022-12-04 08:27:34 (UTC)


Maybe it's because they are Americans and I'm not? There is nothing more painful than being disappointed in people, and it’s not even about betrayal, but about the very essence of some people. It seems to them that all this is for fun, that death and suffering are a game. This is how soldiers are taught in order to endure the hardships of war, and that is why, after the end of military service, soldiers are recommended to undergo a course of psychological assistance. For a civilian, this kind of thinking is a living nightmare. It is self-isolation, self-abasement and a growing hatred of the "weakest". This is animal cruelty, the loss of humanity. This is an eternal blood brotherhood without the right to choose from which there is no way back. It's like drug addiction or sectarianism where a person more and more convinces and justifies himself that everything is in order, I know what I'm doing, I need it, I like it. This is slavery and servility under sweet speeches about freedom. There is no freedom there. This is a road with one end and it is very sad and terrible that even the horror of war will seem like a Garden of Eden compared to what awaits everyone who has made such a choice.
The scales of justice of life are always working, and the Themis of human nature is always blind.
Gaining something you always lose something.
The deeper you drown in such things, the more irreversible and terrible your fate will be and the faster you will drown there, because no one will come to your cry for help, since you yourself scared and pushed away all the normal people around you. I sincerely hope he lets this go and makes the choice that will save him from this fate. A person must choose for himself, because a person has freedom. I can only hope and show that there is always an alternative. But the consequences of some of our choices are irreversible, it is part of our lives.
There are basic rules of life comparable to a personal constitution. You can make superstructures of laws and regulations, increasing the bureaucracy, but if your superstructures override or dominate your personal constitution, then everything is very bad. Changing our personal constitution is always very difficult and painful, so we seek help or prefer not to interfere. I am one of the people who honors his personal constitution, since honor is above all superstructures and nonsense. I can be a fool when I want to, but that doesn't mean I lose my honor. Honor is not political beliefs, memes or chatter. This is how and what decisions I make. This is what I should do next or what I should not do. These are the decisions I make. And I always check my set of rules. A person without a personal constitution, or one who has forgotten that it was with him, is doomed to degradation to the very depths of himself. Freedom does not mean anarchy, strength does not mean cruelty, respect does not mean servility, peace does not mean ignorance.