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2022-12-04 02:19:36 (UTC)

Uneeda Doll

I got another one of those Uneeda dolls from CVS that they have at this time of year. They’re so adorably cute. They also take up very little room as big as they are because they usually stand against the wall somewhere. This is another 27-inch doll with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair contrasts nicely against her pink leopard long-sleeve top. She wears off-black tights with little white polka dots and has pink shoes.

Fucking blacks and their hypocrisy. These people are nothing but hateful reverse-discriminative bigots. They claim to be discriminated against regularly and therefore should know better if that was really true and are now they’re promoting a rise in antisemitism throughout the country. I still don’t understand for the life of me why so many people support them any more than I understand why they support Muslims.