Life of secrets
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2022-12-03 17:26:18 (UTC)


Saw another house today. I didn’t like it. It was very small. I mean, it has potential but we don’t have the money so…. I don’t want it.

I keep getting midnight phone calls from a withheld number and it’s jarring. I feel like it’s that girl. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s someone I haven’t even thought of. But I do feel like it’s her.

I’ve done it again and gone to a bunch of online psychics on TikTok to see if I’ve conceived this cycle. All say something different. I get yes’s and no’s. Who’s right ? The no’s are usually right.

Last cycle they were all telling me I was pregnant and I thought wow, I’ve not had this before - maybe I really am this time! Boy did I feel like shit when I got my period. And when I went back to them, heartbroken and disappointed, to say they had been wrong because here I am on my period, they told me it was implantation bleeding. Some told me I’m still pregnant even though I got my period. Others got pissed off at me for telling them the truth - I know my body and I’m NOT pregnant. I also know what implantation bleeding is and it’s not as heavy as a period - and so they blocked me. Nice and professional.

So I don’t know why I bother asking again. But I do. I just want someone to tell me, yes ! And for it to be right.