Diary of me
2022-12-03 08:06:12 (UTC)

Funny day

Oh, this esoteric. Doesn't let go, doesn't let you breathe. Someone bring him water, otherwise he has already forgotten that it is transparent and without color.
Fuck. I mean sheeeet. Every time after I think, damn I hate this dude but I would have a heart to heart chat with him, and then such a "nooo haha fuck what a sucker" happens.
I wonder how long this stage will take him? I had it for a long time. Probably five years, if not more. But I was a kido and I didn't have any front door ass kissers. My mind is hardened in stress and self-destruction and he's a spoiled brat. It will be interesting how long it will take him to see this barrier? Well, if he entered so quickly, then he could see him just as quickly? I mean, I was smart enough not to tell anyone, not even very superstitious people, and he's like, "yeah, I'm fucked. You're fucked too? Give me your phone number? Call me on Thursday, my third eye sees without interference on Thursdays."
I mean it's good. It is very good! I like it! I'm not tired yet. Lmao