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2022-12-03 02:34:10 (UTC)

Cleansing My Amulet

As I was lying in bed yesterday, I couldn’t get comfy in certain positions because it aggravated the cramps in my upper right stomach, especially if I would lay on my right side or my stomach. I asked my doctors if I could simply have the benign tumor removed, and they said they would give me a reference to a general surgeon if I want but recommended against removing the benign tumor because it was too risky.

So I started to get a little panicky, thinking I may have to live with those cramps on and off for the rest of my life as long as the thing didn’t grow too big that it had to be removed, risky or not. As I always say, anything is better than anxiety, but still.

Then Tom brought up a good point. He reminded me that the kidneys are toward the back. So with the adrenals sitting on top of the kidneys which are toward the back, that would put the pain in my flank if I was really feeling any pain from the tumor, and not just under the surface in front. I’ll ask my docs about this. Since the fatty tumor was found by chance as some of them are, I wonder what other little hidden gems might be lurking in my body.

The Cologuard kit came, and I still have to call them back too. I plan to do that Monday morning after we go to the lab to pick up the supplies needed for the next type of poo test.

I’m definitely done with that kickass fluoride toothpaste, and I’m hoping against hope that that was the problem all along. I decided to use it last night, and sure enough, I had more cramps shortly afterward and during my sleep. Plus I had the runs twice so far today. I flipped over onto my stomach at one point during my sleep and felt fierce cramps across my lower stomach. I had to quickly flop back onto my back.

There is some good news, and that’s that I feel better otherwise. I don’t feel like I’m on fire, and I’m not feeling anxious. At least not yet anyway. Hopefully, I won’t be later on. I did have enough mild anxiety last night to mark it on my anxiety calendar, though. I took an extra 75 this week but waited a full half hour before coffee. If the rest of the day goes well, I’ll be back to taking 88s six days a week and waiting a half hour before coffee. Six weeks from now would be January 13th and that’s when I’ll probably have symptoms again where I’m overly hot and not sleeping well at which time I’ll cut waiting time until the 18th a few days later. Then I’ll let it build up just in time for the lab. I still say I’ll be a three or four, even though he doubts it. We know I can get stabbed with waves of adrenaline no matter what my TSH is, but I really do believe that feeling hot and having trouble staying asleep was connected to a buildup of medication.

Another good thing is that the recycling and garbage trucks didn’t wake me up. It sucks that I have to play the sound machine louder on the days they come around, but at least it works. There was nothing I could do to stop them from waking me up at the old place.

If anything, it’s people at Linda’s place that have woken me up a few times with their damn car doors. She’s two houses down so that ought to tell you how close the houses are here. She’s been having work done on her place, as usual, and has tons of visitors. A couple of vehicles were parked in Irma’s driveway, though.

I have officially gotten my feet wet in witchcraft! I consecrated my amulet. This blesses and cleanses the object, which can be any object of any kind, of positive or negative energy left over unintentionally by anyone else who might have handled it. They say that anything we touch and any place we go has various degrees of negative and positive energy. With all the suffering I did in our last house, I can just imagine what the poor lady who moved into it might be going through on account of it. I can kind of see why some people cleanse and bless new places before moving into them. If we ever do move again, you can bet we’re going to do just that even though my life here has been much better overall!

I hesitate more and more to do evil to others. I don’t mean just cast spells of evil but just trolling them in general or pretty much anything negative. I’ve come to see more and more that the type of vibes we put out really do come back on us and sometimes tenfold. I wonder what kind of karma visited the termites after they got done trolling, threatening, stalking, harassing, and attempting to blackmail me for the few months that they did. Unless something up there might have excused them as it has seemed to protect my perps in the past. Well, I personally can’t get away with anything. I learned that a long time ago. IDK, maybe I wouldn’t have reacted to the fluoride if that’s what aggravated my stomach if I hadn’t left that comment on Mark’s obit that I had removed a month later. So unless someone’s trying to kill me, I’m determined to do good things. I don’t forgive. I don’t allow toxic people to be in my life. Yet I won’t spite anyone that pisses me off either or just for fun.

Tom and I watched the cleansing and charging video, and I performed the spell to bless the amulet. You just never know if the person who packed it into the kit was sad that day because their dog died or if they were angry because their partner dumped them. Now I’m supposed to wear it for five days. I thought of how uncomfortable it may be to sleep with, but I’d say it’s a little more uncomfortable to sleep with stomach cramps than a slightly bulky necklace with some sharpish points, LOL. I could probably take it off and just lay it by my pillow. They don’t say you have to wear it. You can carry it with you.

The spell requires you to write down what you want, face different directions, and have different things on an altar or table with four different objects, representing things like fire, water, salt, and air. So I had to have a white candle lit, a small bowl of salt, a small glass of water, and a stick of incense of my choice. I thought that out of the nearly 100 fragrances I have, Witch Doctor would be the most appropriate, LOL. You hold the amulet to your heart, and then over your head, and then you put it on you or carry it with you however you wish.

I swear this thing was glowing yesterday. I have my jewelry holder on my long dresser at the side of the bed. The thing was dangling from it and the purple gemstone was facing me and almost appeared to have a little speck of light in it, but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for it. The light shining under the bathroom door probably glinted off of the wall which in turn reflected off the stone. It had to be at the perfect angle to appear as if it had a little pinpoint of light.

The anxiety spell was simpler, with a purple candle and a quick chant. I created a board on Pinterest for spells and a spell playlist in my youtube library for videos.

It would be so cool to have a psychic blog. I wish I’d kept a separate blog or document for every single premonition and vibe I ever had. Weeding them out of 35 years’ worth of journaling would be a bit of work, though.

I also put some bay leaves by the bed which is supposed to help with sleep and premonitions. It aids in guidance through dreams.

Lastly, I did the spell for anxiety and gathered all the herbs and crystals I have that help with better physical and emotional health. I’ll concentrate on things like money and other things later. The most important thing is our emotional and physical well-being. But these aren’t things you just have sitting around loose or wherever. They’re meant to be put in a jar that you seal and carry with you. So I ordered spell jars. It’s a 44-piece set that has different sizes and comes with a little hook at the end of the cork seal. Plus, it has twine so you can make necklaces out of them.

I glanced at the monthly newsletter and sure enough, they do have plans in the making to replace the wooden perimeter fence. I just hope to hell they do it when I’m on days! Part of it went down in the hurricane so that’s what motivated them to switch it out for one of those pretty bright white fences, along with what was no doubt numerous complaints since it is pretty ugly. I knew they would eventually switch it out. I’m just a little surprised it took this long.

I will have completed the challenge in another day or two which totals a little over 100 miles of riding. I went through Australia, and now I’m in Brazil. I think all I have left is the Japan ride, as well as Iowa.

Kim messaged me to say something about her sister not wanting to do Facebook much anymore and asked if we could be pen pals through postal mail or maybe even email. She said she would create an email account to use with me and another friend, but it would be strictly for that and not to sign up for anything because she doesn’t want to return to social media. I’m OK with being email pen pals just as long as she knows I may not swap messages that often and I’m not going to send or want to read anything too long or too repetitious. But otherwise, sure. I’m OK with that. Just not postal mail. I have absolutely no desire for that in a digital age. Haven’t been into that in so many years now.