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Starting over
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2022-12-02 12:05:29 (UTC)

Fuck off and die

That's something everyone wants to hear right????

Fuck off and die

Oh and I am a loser

Yeah I got paid today apparently internet don't play 2 days late and our internet is down this morning. I don't know if they shut it off or if we just need to reset the box

Oh yeah I can't try that because the box is locked in his office

So anyways the King has never been shut off on anything and I the LOSER got shut off the first month. Like I said I got paid today and since I have been in the hospital I haven't gotten a checking account yet, another thing I am a loser for it only takes 5 minutes the King said, so I stopped yesterday they need a hour and an appointment so yeah I tried

He told me to stop on the way to work but I am already stopping at the bank to make a deposit so I am pushing it....well if I want any chance with him I need to pay it or he won't be home. Seriously. Over 1 day of internet if it is even account doesn't show that it is

Who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares anymore


You want about this I am done

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