Pillar of Light

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2022-12-01 19:26:36 (UTC)

Spa Day

My sister booked a facial and massage for me that I just got back from. She is such a thoughtful person. I hadn’t had a facial since probably a few years back when I went with her.
I totally slack on taking care of myself, it’s always on the bottom of my list.

Today was so relaxing, and my skin feels rejuvenated. I realized that we all need that feeling of being pampered once in a while…

It’s more than just the beauty part of it. It’s the luxurious feeling. My body is important, and it should be treated like royalty. Im a strong believer that your mind frame can make or break how your life goes.

so I’m gonna make a mental note to get myself massages and facials more regularly.

On another note, I submitted my recording for a song I will potentially sing at a holiday party this weekend. Im a little anxious because I haven’t heard back yet.
Wish me luck!