Slowly descending into madness
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2022-12-01 00:12:57 (UTC)

ডিসেম্বরের শহরে

I have stopped writing frequently and I feel like I'm slowly losing the power to write. To express myself fully.

These days, I don’t feel like working. I feel like going outside and just roam around or sth. From that thought I went to Banani yesterday with my friends, right after semester ending viva. It was fun. I went back home at 8 pm. I thought my parents would curse the shit out of me. Wow, they didn’t care much. This independence is worth fighting for.

I have a terrible headache for two days. But Dhanmondi is in a festive mood. So I went out today to meet Eesha. Yesterday I told him I'm coming to banani then I ditched and I never told him I did go there but with other friend circle. So today, when he asked me, where did I go yesterday.. I was about to lie but I didn’t. And he was like, if you lied I'd catch you, cause your friend posted a story so I knew you went to Banani w your uni friends and you ditched my ass. I was like yup, I was about to lie about that then I didn’t :3

Funny thing happened at North end today. A guy was sitting there with a laptop. When he saw me, he was like, hey can I have 10 more minutes? I'm working on something, please take a seat. And I asked him, do I know you? He said, yep, you called a few minutes ago. I was like look man, you’re probably waiting for someone, and I'm not her. He got super embarrassed, I'm still laughing everytime I remember this.

Today nerdy beans was hosting a concert. The place is small. I don’t know how the fuck so many people could fit in. I heard later on they even had a mosh pit... And I was like the fuck is going on there. Every year, 1st December Dmd people go nuts for some reason. Today I saw it in nerdy beans.

Anyway, city is in a festive mood and I'm super relaxed these days. Yay.