Dream Scribe

2022-12-01 21:26:00 (UTC)

"How Great Thou Art." (Hymn Title.)

Behold the Glory Of His Handiwork :
The Great Creator
Of Heaven and Earth.
Every time His Stars
Shine brightly in
The Firmament
Above my head,
And the rolling thunder
Captivates my heart,
I feel the majestic awe
Of His Hand in mine.

The cry of a tiny
Newborn baby,
The prisms caught
In a row of raindrops
Suspended along a
Window frame
Tell an ancient story
Of Time Immemorial.

Dew light playing
Across the fields
Of fresh cut hay :
Its scent fills
The countryside
With peace ;
Hard won satisfaction.
A settling Harvest Moon
Slung low in a night sky ~
smiles its warmth.

From mountain tops
To the silent, heaving seas,
From muted forest sentinels
To skyscraper cliffs
His Glory proclaims
A love that defies
My mortal words.

"Behold this Universe,"
The winds and rains cry.
For it is a gift to you.