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2022-12-01 05:36:17 (UTC)

Schatz jackhammer

Some would say that the audience in my head is cracking up…

I follow this photographer/ artist. I’ve followed him for probably 25 years now. He is a portrait photographer. Lately he’s been doing what I would call classy nudes. Really they are almost all safe for work… so not voyeuristic or creepy. He posted this one today of a woman on her back and her legs were tightly crossed. All you can see is her butt and legs. He had her place her fingers over her vagina to cover and really to make you take pause and ponder what he’d done.

Sometimes I read the comments and as you’d expect, lots of praise… and then I thought to myself… “yeah, but she farts like a jackhammer”.

And yeah… I crack myself up.