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2022-12-01 00:08:52 (UTC)

Bill, Andy, Health

I was pleased yet stunned to find that a bill was passed to protect gay marriage. But then I’ve got to ask myself what the catch may be. I’m sorry, but a bunch of hateful Republicans don’t just up and suddenly support gay marriage. And how long before it’s overturned?

When I saw the headline about Christine McVie dying, I immediately thought of Andy. I knew he would be crushed by the news. And sure enough, he is heartbroken. You could say he’s a little more than an obsessed fan, LOL. He said she’s been a big part of his life since his teens, which is true in a way. He said that the tears will come eventually but maybe he doesn’t want to believe it’s true. Well, he first believed it was a hoax since it was a friend he’s angry with that broke the news to him. But that’s typical Andy-nature for you; to think everybody’s lying, LOL. It’s sad that he’s so sad. Even though he never knew or met Christine, he’s taking it like he lost a close personal friend. He did meet Stevie, though, and that’s his number-one idol so it’s going to hit him a lot harder when she goes.

No stomach ultrasound results yet, but I am not having a fun time at all. After four days of doing better, my stomach exploded on me again. Then I woke up after just four hours of sleep feeling like I was on fire and it took me forever to cool down. I noticed I was a little warm the last couple of days as well, and thought, oh no. Next comes the rapid HR and anxiety if I don’t decrease my dose!

But my HR is OK, and I’m not any more anxious than I should be for someone who isn’t feeling well. Since we know my stomach issues weren’t caused by the magnesium or B-Complex (fluoride is ruled out now as well), I started taking them again to ensure I stay on a good note emotionally.

I updated Galileo and they think my thyroid disorder is intensifying my menopause symptoms. I hope that’s all it is! They gave me a link to a site on perimenopause/menopause and asked if I wanted to see an endo for my thyroid or a GYN for the menopause but I’m not sure that either could help any more than anyone else has along with what my own research has taught me.

They acknowledge that it can make you feel like you’re going crazy and can be highly disruptive of sleep. So true! I just can’t regulate my body temperature to save my life. I’m either too hot or too cold and sometimes I feel like I’m both. At least I don’t have a fever and slept through the loud recycling truck.

I’m now down from 161.9 to 157.4 and while that may not be much, it’s a lot for me after being the same for so long. I don’t have much of an appetite today either. I’m hoping that yesterday’s poor eating is all that threw me off and that this won’t escalate into a rise in my HR and anxiety. I know I should be glad for the weight loss because it would make me healthier to lose weight but I worry that a significant loss could affect the way the med affects me.

There’s got to be spells out there for menopause, and with me getting into witchcraft, I should search for one. I’m new to this, so I still have a lot to learn. I know you can’t just cast a spell anytime you want and that it depends on the moon’s cycle and all that.

My cacti never grew.