Never Broken
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2022-12-01 02:16:58 (UTC)

A Wee Update

I am now installed at my mother’s temporarily. It is not easy, and in fact, I am quite surprised. My mother, I think, might be a hoarder. There is so little room to move that one must step over things and around things to get from bed to toilet, etc. This makes me very sad. I feel I must say something to her, but I don’t know how to phrase it in a way that will not cause offense. Not only is it dangerous and a fire hazard, it is not healthy. In addition, her dogs bark, howl and whine constantly. It is frustrating and I’m afraid it will teach my young dog bad habits.

I have no WiFi connection here because the phone tells me the password I was given is incorrect. Cellular is spotty so I’ll be writing when I am able.

S has a customer who is going to get us a hotel for the weekend. This way I’ll have a bit of privacy. I can’t wait to get there.


P.S. S is living in her car and with her boyfriend 2 days a week. His lease prevents her from staying there more often.