Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-11-30 22:43:37 (UTC)

She Jelly Roll

See the sunrise in her eyes
before the cold November rain
If you only knew her smile
never know that she’s in pain
Nobody ever saw it comin
it started with a little pill
One thing led to another
Since then it’s all been downhill

She was the life of the party
She was the one everybody
Used to wanna hang around
I bet they wonder where she is now
I wish I woulda known
Before she was too far gone
I’m afraid to lose her now
She’s afraid of comin’ down

I don’t wanna say goodbye
But she can’t get herself to stop
I know that it’ll take some time
But im scared that might be something that we don’t got
Now everybody knows it’s somethin’
They see the writing on the wall
And she feels like she’s flyin’
While we’re all watching her fall

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