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2022-11-30 14:53:55 (UTC)

Quick turnaround with middle son

Last night a couple of hours after the incident in the car, I went into my middle sons room. I saw he was trying to download an audio program on his PC, so I helped him out and we started playing around on it; you talk in and you choose a voice changer.

I wanted to clear up what I said earlier and make sure he didn’t take it the wrong way. He stopped me, and said I hate when you start talking like that. I guess it’s when I get touchy feely and try to give him life lessons.
I know that is what I was doing in the car yesterday when he got triggered.
So I stopped and said ok, but I love you so much. He said I love you too mom and hugged me.

Then he asked me to teach him about dropshipping so he can make money. I said you don’t have to worry about money your still a kid. He said he wants to have his own money , he hates asking me for things like new computer accessories because “he doesn’t want me to waste money”.
I explained to him that our kids are why me and your dad work so hard and everything is for them! There is nothing else I would rather spend money on then them, unless it is something I think is a waste of money which I would say no to.

He smiled like he kind of needed that reminder. He’s always been like this. Every time I buy him new clothes or something expensive he feels bad. It’s a good trait that he’s not spoiled, but he has to realize he’s worth it!

I still wanted to teach him dropshipping because he was interested in it, and I loved his ambition. As long as he didn’t make it about money to have that pressure on him.
So I sat with him and worked with him, downloaded some apps on his phone and signed him into my online store accounts. He got the hang of it fast and said “this is easy!”

It could be really awesome! I told him if he wants to continue, he could help my business while learning and I’ll give him a percentage of all his sales…eventually we will learn Amazon together, which is something I have been wanting to tackle but lack the time and patience to do it.