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Starting over
2022-11-30 11:17:56 (UTC)

my dad

I was able to get some sleep last night, but was up at 3:20am, that's praying time so I just got up and have been praying all morning. I am not at the hospital right now with my dad pre-surgery. Only 2 people can go back pre-op and since I was in the hospital when they scheduled it, my sister and mom are there. Kim and I are going up once the surgery starts, then they will come out to the waiting room and we can all wait together

Kim is so scared, so am I, but I am trying so hard to be strong, it's just really hard.

My dad is seriously one of the best men around, he loves his family. He worked hard but also played hard, he is a good man. Mike reminds me a lot of him and that's why I so don't want to lose this marriage, Mike is also a good man.

I really didn't want to be there this morning, I know he is scared to death, I saw him yesterday for lunch, he is so sweet. He is currently getting body shaved right now. My sister and my mom can stay with him until 7:50am. Then we are all to meet in the main lobby from 12-2 to wait for a doctor to come get us. What a long stressful fucking day is all I can say. Mike was so funny last night, he came to bed and gave me a 'comforting' snuggle since he knew I was stressed about this morning. With his body heat, I uncovered my arm before I started to have a hot flash. He covered my neck and shoulder back up and said he wasn't falling for my manipulation haha I was seriously not trying to seduce him into kissing my neck. Of course, I wouldn't of fought it either. After all sex is the best stress reliever, just saying.

If you read this and are a praying person, please send some prayers up for my dad!

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