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2022-11-29 19:37:33 (UTC)


I have finally been ultrasounded! Still suspect nothing is going to show up, but at least I won’t be wondering anymore as to whether or not I could have gallstones. This is the third day I’ve been relatively back to normal, save for some cramps. I should know for sure in a few days.

Surprisingly, they never mowed today, so that didn’t wake me up. I still didn’t sleep all that well, which is typical before an appointment. I got up around 12:30 and we left at 2. The appointment was for 2:30, but I wasn’t seen until just after 3 so we were there for about 45 minutes. The waiting room was pretty busy. They do all kinds of imaging there from x-rays to mammograms to MRIs. No blasting TV or music, but the old guy sitting next to me wouldn’t shut up. LOL, he was constantly talking to me or to himself. His wife was getting a mammogram and when they left, I whispered, “good riddance” into Tom’s ear. He laughed understandingly.

It was mostly old folks there, but hey, this is Florida. I think all but one person there was under 55. The scan was done by an older lady (surprised?) and it only took a few minutes. It was kind of funny when she said my stomach may feel a bit sticky for a while because of the gel she used. But as I told her, that would feel a lot better than what I’ve been feeling this last month.

It was a beautiful warm, sunny, 81-degree day while it was 53 degrees at the old place in NorCal and 33 degrees where we lived in Oregon. LOL

After we left the place we went to BK and I got a burger and fries which left no room for dessert, which would have been the chocolate-covered cherries I got with our grocery order this morning. I can enjoy those later.

Somebody at Walmart must have been on serious drugs because they gave us bananas that were half peeled and half rotten. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking when they bagged them! Did they really think that would be acceptable and that we would eat what was left of them?

So we took our food home and ate, and then we both went down for a nap. I slept for about an hour, him a little longer. I’m still a little groggy, but looking forward to enjoying the night and doing the things I enjoy doing.

The witchcraft kit came with a free gift. I thought they were stickers at first, but they’re temp tabs. I put a pinkish-red rose on my upper arm. A butterfly on my hand or ankle is next.

The earbuds were easy to sync to one of my phones, but they’re not comfortable. They’re a little big for my small ear, but still suitable for whenever the hell I can get up the energy to go out walking as well as on the road whenever we get back to the beach. That’s the one thing I still struggle with is that most of the time I don’t have much energy. I’m not horribly fatigued like I used to be, but I could use a little more vigor.

One of the things I look forward to doing tonight, as usual, is playing golf together and then some rounds by myself, as well as VZ. I went through Iceland, which was the second boring ride in this challenge. Just a barren mountain range with dull colors. Then I rode in Mexico, Newfoundland, and now I’m in Kenya.