2022-11-29 22:21:11 (UTC)


Things are going back to normal, quiet, we have yet to talk about the next part of our construction project but we have only been home a week and we still have boxes packed and out in the garage. I’ve found enough to do both indoors and out that I am still wearing myself out daily. I’m worried about the money I’ve been spending lately. My husband has not complained but moving back into this house I’m seeing things with new eyes and replacing this and that plus now spending for Christmas plus I needed an outfit for his work Christmas party and I should find the right shoes to go with it and because it’s a copper color maybe a copper colored bracelet and on and on and on. No, I don’t need half these things. I’m getting annoyed at it. Thankfully though, having moved about so much over the last couple of months I also feel the weight of “stuff” and am trying not to add to that burden.