Pillar of Light

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2022-11-29 20:41:34 (UTC)

American Greed and Stupidity

I can’t help it about me. I’m generous, I go out of my way to help people. Over and over I know that it has ended up hurting me.

I had a friend reach out about her son. She was struggling to pay for his travel cost for his football tournament. Me being me I went and started a 50/50 raffle on my private Facebook group to help them out. I even advanced her $200 so she wouldn’t have to wait for at least some help.

No drama could come of this right? Wrong!

A nasty woman on the football teams board of directors joined my group and bashed me for hosting an “un- sanctioned fundraiser”, and said that I have to take it down. Not only that, the football coach joined the party and harassed me in my Venmo account! He requested $1 with a nasty note attached with false accusations.

These people then started a group chat with the team where the parents were threatened to expose which parent was involved in my fundraiser. There were all kinds of responses calling me a scammer, and them shouting “call the police!”.
My friend admitted that it was her that I did the fundraiser for and it was with good intentions.
The nasty board woman said that she can’t let it slide because she broke a rule with their fundraising…(complete bullshit, I know that woman’s ego was just hurt because they didn’t have adequate fundraising to help these parents, and here was an outsider raising money).

They threatened that her son may not be able to play, even after I took down the post.

I was in fighting mode after the way they came at me for doing something sincere…but I still found myself begging the bitch not to penalize the boy, due to my misunderstanding.
My friend said they ended up dropping it, and TODAY… they posted a big go fund me all over the town page.
Like I said, EGO!

People can be so ignorant and quick to assume the worst in others.
Especially because I have a foreign name. I know they wouldn’t have jumped down our throats if my name was sandy or Jennifer , and the family I was helping are Hispanic.

Found out from another friend that the same organization did this to her too, and her daughter was the only black girl on the cheer squad. They tried to keep her from joining her team celebration at Disney world because they stayed at a cheaper hotel. They play favorites to certain families, and look down on others like a snobby society. Wow, these are the people coaching and in charge of kids.

I’m disgusted. And that pussy ass grown man requesting me money in Venmo and coming at me like that, he’s supposed to be a role model to young boys. That makes me actually want to bitch smack him in public and humiliate him.

My 17 year old son gave me the “I told you so”. He said this country doesn’t care about people who help people or charities. It works on greed.
This argument with him started a while ago when he told me he doesn’t believe in charity.
I’m starting to think he’s right. Nobody is looking out for me. People are selfish and so used to the greed mentality and respect those with money and power. They don’t believe it’s possible for anyone to do something selfless, so they turn against people like me because I must be a scammer in their eyes.

Conclusion: from now on, if it’s no benefit to me I’m never getting involved in helping people. So over it. I’m going to be greedy for me and my family, especially greedy with where I’m spending my energy.