Life of secrets
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2022-11-29 18:54:46 (UTC)

The beginning

Wow. It’s been years since I wrote in a diary. I used to use MyDearDiary many moons ago until it shut down.

I’ve decided to document my days again for my “mental health” and as a way to express myself. Let’s see if I can keep it up…

Should I introduce myself ? I don’t even know who to say I am anymore. I feel I’ve lost myself. I am nostalgic daily. If I had one wish, it would be to go back to childhood and perhaps I’d do life again - I suppose I’d have to - but I’d like to know then, what I know now. So I could do things different. And not do a lot of things I have done. I want a different life I guess? I feel powerless over this one. I just exist amongst the lies.

What would I say to younger me ?
Just enjoy your life. Try not to be so depressed. Love yourself and don’t get involved with anyone who doesn’t treat you like a queen. Even if it means staying single. Trust me, being with one of those guys, is worse than staying single. You want kids ? More chance going to a donor for that to happen. And why not? Be a single mum, if it gets to that. Anything is better than what has become.