Pillar of Light

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2022-11-29 15:40:29 (UTC)

Body goals

Weight: 128
Waist: 31

I just noticed out of the blue that my stomach area got very soft.
My jeans still fit size 1-3, but when I sit my belly fat is hanging over.
When I was with Gavin last week was when I kind of noticed and said I need to work on that. He defended me saying well you had 3 kids.
Yeah I know, and I’m not a vain person.
If I complained to another woman they would roll their eyes because I’m still a slim size 1.

I don’t care about how I look to other people, I care about my health first as well as feeling good about myself. I like being strong and toned.

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in years. The bench I used to do with ease, i couldn’t lift myself up on not even an inch. With no weights on it.

That’s when I knew my muscles are very weak right now.
Could be lack of exercise, but I have a strong feeling the Covid I had in October completely attacked my muscles and weakened me even more.

Starting slow to build up my core strength. I did 3 sets of the easiest 2 ab workouts and 10 minutes on the treadmill.

1st month
Stretching and flexibility
Activate my core muscles
beginner ab exercise everyday either home or gym.
Cardio 10-15 minutes every day
Drink more water

2nd month
Try the hard bench at the gym again
Go up to 4 more intense ab workouts every other day.
20 minutes cardio
Drink even more water

3rd month
Work on the extra layer of soft fat on my belly.
Body wraps and flushing.
Waist trainer.
Cut out sugar.

Goal weight: no less than 125 ideally I do not want to lose any weight just righted the stomach.
Goal waist: 28”-27”

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