Love, life and loss
2022-11-29 08:12:52 (UTC)

Hoping for home

Woke up feeling rough but at least i had some sleep. Not sure what they gave me but it must have worked a bit
I thought it said psychosis in my notes but asked them to show nd and it doesnt
I'm not mentally unwell or unstable!!
I am a grieving mum
Just a grieving mum

I remember a few early hours conversations and a nurse asking me who she could call to come and sit with me as she said I needed it even though no visits allowed overnight
I had no one. No one that would be willing to be disturbed middle of night to travel to be with me. I think she felt sorry for me but I didnt want her pity. I've got good friends but not friends here at 3am and they and ryan have work today so cant be disturbed as got work later

Its morning but am so tired from whatever they filledme with am going back to sleep