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me and my life
2022-11-29 06:08:48 (UTC)

I want to sleep

Ever since am back from Kolkatta I haven't gotten a good sleep. Night I do sleep but I need straight 8hrs sleep. Weekends have been busy, last Saturday I was dying to sleep but I , MIL and my SIL had to go out at crowford for random shopping stuff which he wanted to to take back to the US and on Sunday had to again go for her birthday shopping. Monday started working I tried to take a nap but I started getting calls to ruin my sleep.
I have started working out Chole Ting. I love her workouts its a 14 days challenge and I am quite persistent, am on day 6. But my diet is not on track, I have been infact eating much sweet and outside from past 3-4 days because we go out shopping in the evening and eat out and come home. Now that my SIL is gone I am again concentrating on my diet. I have 2 birthdays to attend my Siya's and My SIL's. hehe life is all about food... but gotta balance it , we have low metabolism hahaha...
Other than that life is OK, quite bored... just waiting to go to Mom's place and meet my kids.
cyaaaaa I hope i get to sleep today in the afternoon.