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2022-11-28 21:23:41 (UTC)


I "saw" DeSantis as president in my dreams last night. Really hope that's not a dream premonition, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

I was so pissed because the imaging center left a message nearly an hour before we were about to leave, saying that they wouldn’t have a technician there that late and that they put me in for tomorrow at 2:30 instead. What that really means is someone wanted to go home early. They would have known at the beginning of the day if they wouldn’t have anybody there that late. So thanks to their laziness, I had to be put out and we may have to reschedule our grocery order. I really wanted to get it over with.

So now I have to hope the mowers don’t disrupt my sleep tomorrow so I can sleep in close to the appointment since I have to fast. The fucking garbage truck woke me up, as expected, although I was getting up around that time anyway. At least they didn’t reschedule it for the morning. That would have been really hard on me.

Ironically enough, though, I’ve been better the last couple of days. I was stuck yesterday, and I went today with minimal cramps. I have a feeling they’re not going to find anything and I’m going to be left to wonder what the hell happened and hope it doesn’t happen again, of course. There’s still the possibility of the fluoride theory. Maybe that’s what made me sick and stopping it is what’s made me better.

I didn’t like the feel of the new mouse, so since it was cheap, it will just serve as a backup.

I tried cycling mode in VZfit, and it was okay. I still prefer the board.

I was been going crazy, trying to figure out the witchcraft kit in the best way to go about casting various spells since it didn’t come with any instructions for that. I guess the best thing is to just keep it simple and use the proper candles, herbs and stones that represent the outcome I want. I saw a YT vid and some white witches say they have no formula or a spell recipe and they do something different for each one they cast.

Then there is the rule of threes. They say that any negative spell cast on anyone will bring that negative energy back to you three times over. I asked myself, could this really be true? Or is it something they say, just as a deterrent? I have no idea, but I’ve decided it’s not worth taking a chance on.

When the candle holders I ordered arrive, I’m going to do spells for good health, better sleep, more money, more peace…that sort of thing. I have no idea if they’ll work, but I’m always open to trying new things.